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User-friendly interface and advanced inventory management features to help you scale-up


Make order-taking, paying and running the kitchen smooth and seamless


Help streamline checkout process and provide valuable insights into inventory and sales data


Trace your valuable items with serial number and be ensure security and deliver authenticity.


With serialized batch inventory, track the movement drugs from the manufacturing to distribution and finally to the end-user.

Fuel Stations

Make transactions smoother and faster

Salons and Barber’s Shops

Run Ops smoothly by managing appointments, customer information, sales, inventory, and generating important reports.

Feature name

Webex integrates seamlessly into 100+
industry-leading apps.
grocery and Convenience Stores

Oh! How Convenient

Essentials you’d grown to love and Extras you didn’t know you needed. (But you do)

Speedy Sales

Streamline your selling process with keyboard short cuts andmultiple windows.

Get Organized

Keep everything in order with our advanced inventory building and tracking.

Stay Fresh

Track when your stock is going to spoil by expiry date.

Credit Management

Update your customers credit balance, allow them to pay and upload their tranafer recipits directly to an online portal.

Offline Mode

Don’t let bad internet stop you. Keep your sales rolling even while offline.

A mobile app

Keep a close eye on your KPIs and make smart business decisions with reports and intelligent insights.
Cafe’s and Restaurants

We are good with food.

Ewity works for you, no matter what you’re serving
Meet your customers’ needs. From in-restaurant dining to contactless takeout and delivery, keep all orders organized and in one place. Set up loyalty programs and gift cards to keep them coming back.
Improved Efficiency: By having multiple KOT printers, the kitchen staff can print and manage multiple orders at the same time, reducing wait times.

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Real-Life Stories of Transformation: What Ewity Customers are Saying

Ewity is a great piece of software.

“Ewity is the best POS software we have ever used. We have been using Ewity for 3 years, and never faced any issues. Their support team is also brilliant.”
Manager of Waffle World @waffleworld.mv

Great sales insights

“We use the sales dashboard and reports to easily track our product sales. The central customer database is also very useful for tracking regular customers"
Ahmed Soib
AST Cafe

Good for new businesses

“A lot of our friends recommended Ewity to us when we were starting our business. It's been easy to use and hassle free to use”
Picoso, Maldives

Easy to setup

“It was so easy to set up and get started. We didn't get great customer service from the previous POS software we were using. With Ewity customer service is a quick chat away.”
Redwood Cafe

Ewity helped us expand our business

“As our business expanded we needed a more complex and feature complete POS system. Ewity's support for online ordering and and multiple locations”
Family Room
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