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MVR 450/month
Paid Yearly

For Single Location

Up to 5,000 Products

Basic Inventory

Expert Support

WooCommerce Integration

QuickBooks & Xero Integration

Serialized and Batch Inventory

Pro Plan

Growing With You
MVR 750/month
Paid Yearly

Multiple Locations

Unlimited Products

Advanced Inventory

Expert Support

WooCommerce Integration

QuickBooks & Xero Integration

Serialized and Batch Inventory


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Can I pay for Ewity with MVR?
Yes you can! You can transfer directly to our bank account.
I don't have a reliable internet connection. Can I still make Ewity work for me?
While Ewity runs best on a stable internet connection, we know very well that occasionally your internet provider might let you down. That's why Ewity has an offline mode that lets you keep selling while offline.
Can someone come over and setup my POS system?
No problem at all. Our product expert team will be will be more than happy to come to you, help you setup your POS system, educate you and your employees on how to use it. That way, you can focus less on the techie details and do more of what you love.
Is Ewity compatible with my existing hardware?
It's very likely that Ewity will work well with the printers, scanners and equipment you already have.
I'm already comfortable with my current POS system?
Most people who switch to Ewity from a traditional offline POS system never look back. Businesses love our user-friendly and intuitive interface, as well as its features and integrations.

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